1st Dialogue Workshop in Turkey

Expected day of this year is coming...As a partner of DIA-FCC project, we will perform our first DIALOGUE on the 17th of December, 2011. My DUO partner is PETER SEIER and the workshop language is English. It will be supervised and evaluated by DR. HEIDEMARIE WÜNSCHE PİETZKA.

The workshop consists two parts : Introduction of the dialogue and the DIALOGUE itself. At the introduction part we will make participants aware of the distinction of "dialogue" and "discussion", then inform them about David Bohm, the necessity of dialogue and the Bohm Dialogue. At the second part of the workshop we will have a dialogue session which is estimated to be about an hour and a quarter.

The photo you see above is the turquoise balls which will be in our session. They were bought by Peter, my DUO, from the Grand Bazaar, one for me and the other for him. It symbolises a strong friendship and flow of meaning between us. We hope that the shared meaning will spread to whole group and emerge a new understanding.

Anyone interested to take part in this activity, I will be pleased to give further explanation on the venue and time where the workshop takes place.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Dear Ferda and Peter!
As a member of our Dialogue group I send my mental positive thinking support to your DUO.
From Roza

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